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    An unexpected opportunity to introduce my book, No Tears for Dad.

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    The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.  
    —John 1:5

    My Book

    My memoir about a God who saves, redeems, and cares.
    Official Review
    Okay, I love this story, and we have to publish it. We seldom get to see a man's perspective like this, and it was absolutely riveting. (Not only is he shocked he turned into his father, so is the reader). It's Vulnerable. Transparent. Engaging. And he's a miracle of God's grace and goodness.    I want to meet him! Just shake his hand. 😊
    I am excited about this and think it has some nice potential. Hoping the author signs with us!
    Dori Harrell
    Managing Editor
    Redemption Press

    My publications in the                    ''Inspire Series''

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